So what is Hypnotherapy and how does it work?

Trance is a natural state that we all drift in and out of every day – it’s a state that the brain uses to do tasks it’s familiar with while it concentrates on other things. Image driving a car or walking a familiar route – you don’t think of every single action you’re doing, and can often not be aware of even doing parts of the journey. And yet you still arrive safely at your destination. Sometimes we get ourselves into unhelpful trances – anxiety, phobias, even just the way we perceive things to be. Hypnotherapy is a way to access those unhelpful trances and change them back into helpful ones.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a modern approach combining hypnosis with the best of different approaches and techniques. The key is using the way your brain works in a new way to help with what has been bothering you. It is very different from the traditional idea of needing to be in therapy for years, or going over the same things again and again. Great results come from weaving together the best of different approaches. This means it’s possible for you to achieve a lot in a relatively short space of time. It is a flexible approach, tailored to your individual needs. We treat you as a person, not the label you have been given.

Here is a short video, describing the basics of what we do:

How does a session work?

You will work in collaboration with one of our therapists to find the best individual solution for you. You are always in control of what direction this takes, the therapist is more of a guide to how to achieve that. A typical session will differ from person to person, depending on what is most appropriate to help that individual.

Whilst it might appear that most of the work is done in the therapy room, the most powerful work can happen once you’re at home and have had a day or two to let new ideas and ways of thinking settle in. Our therapists understand this and are available by phone or email if you have any queries between sessions, or successes to celebrate! Most of all, we want to help you reach a positive resolution.

What can it help with?

If you’re committed to changing your life for the better, we can probably help you. Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help with a wide range of issues – those you expect like anxiety, depression, hypnobirthing, smoking, weight loss and phobias. But also a range of things you might not expect, such as confidence, self-esteem, stress, exam nerves, public speaking, procrastination, pain relief, coping with long-term health conditions, career coaching and life coaching. If you’re not sure whether what you need is covered – please ask us!

Our therapists all have different specialist areas of interest, so please read their page to see who might be the best fit for helping you.