Our Therapists

Our therapists – Emily, Lynne, Jacqui and Wendy – have years of experience between them in treating a wide range of issues. They all keep up to date on the latest techniques within their fields of interest by attending CPD (Continuing Professional Development) courses regularly to expand and enhance their skills. They are all members of relevant professional organisations and all hold insurance to the level required by such organisations.

Although all our therapists are able to treat a wide variety of issues, like most of us they each have different areas of interest. Each has given a short introduction, their areas of specialist interest and a link to their personal websites to enable you to make the right decision as to the best therapist for your needs.

If you’re not sure if your chosen therapist covers a particular issue – please use our contact page to ask!

Emily - Therapist specialising in pain management and children's therapy
Emily – Light From Shade (Cognitive Hypnotherapy) and Ollie Coach Emily (Children’s Coaching)

Hello! My journey to becoming a therapist began originally as being a client. At the time I was in constant pain through nearly 25 years of various joint problems, and hypnotherapy was one of the few things I hadn’t tried yet. The difference it made to my pain levels was amazing. More importantly, I realised that I could be in control of my life once more. That I was the one who could choose how to react to any situation that came my way.

That inspired me to train as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist myself, and I aim to bring the same level of positive change to my clients. My method of working is to create change as fast as possible, but not faster than you are ready for.

I love to keep learning, so I am always adding to my experience and “therapy toolkit” from other related branches of therapy, including NLP. Through the NLP side of things, I am now a qualified Ollie Coach , which is a fun therapy method I use with children (and a few adults too!). I have also trained in Kinetic Shift with the UK Hypnosis Academy.

I treat a wide range of issues, including the usual ones like anxiety, motivation, phobias etc… but my particular interests are pain management, sleep problems and working with children.


Lynne - therapist specialising in career and confidence/self-esteem
Lynne – I Enable You – Hypnotherapy and I Enable You – Career Coaching

I have always enjoyed making a difference to people in a career spanning HR, Public Relations and Recruitment. In the last 10 years of that period I found my greatest satisfaction in coaching my own employees at the PR headhunting firm I co-owned. This also a time I became aware of the power in coaching using NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and I started getting superb results from seeing a Cognitive Hypnotherapist myself which led to what I do now.

I now channel my passion for helping people change as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Confident Childbirth Practitioner as well as continuing to advise professionals as an independent Career Coach.

Happy to work with most client issues, particularly work/life balance problems, anxiety, stress, confidence and self-esteem and hypnobirthing. My professional experience means that am particularly skilled in helping with interview confidence, business and career/work-related issues.


Jacqui - therapist specialising in anxiety & depression and long-term health issues
Jacqui – Jacqui Kemp Hypnotherapy

I have worked successfully with many people suffering with anxiety and depression disorders. Working together to identify triggers for the problems we seek to find solutions as quickly and safely as possible.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is about achieving the change you want to see in your life as quickly as possible, and while many people see the benefits of this work within 3 to 6 sessions, if you have been suffering from long term anxiety or depression I urge you to measure the time taken to reach your solution state against the time it took to reach your current situation. When you are ready, I will work at the right pace for you to bring about long-lasting changes in your life.

My particular interests are anxiety, depression and long-term health issues.

If you believe I am the right therapist to help you, please give me a call or email.


Wendy - therapist specialising in performance anxiety
Wendy – Peridot Mind Management

Wendy has just joined our team here in Papworth and her details will be available soon!